CHADAR Trek, 2017

Booking Price: ₹21,490

Trip Summary

Visit Ladakh in deep winter to experience one of the world’s most magnificent and beautiful landscapes, in its most peaceful season and in total contrast to the summer crowds. You are very likely to see rare wildlife at this time of year in the frozen valleys and high above the tiny mountain villages. As winter begins, we select our route (Chaddar, Lama Yuru circuit via Kongski-la, Lama Yuru to Photoksar) depending on the winter conditions and ice formation in this highly sensitive mountain ecosystem.

As winter begins, we wait for the ice formation on the chader trek route in this highly sensitive mountain ecosystem. You are very likely to see rare wildlife at this time of year in the frozen valleys and high above the tiny mountain villages.

Our route takes you deep into the frozen winter landscape among some of the world’s highest mountains and spectacular landscapes, lit under a bright winter sun and sparkling mid-winter stars. Our Camps are at about 3500 metres (11,480 feet). The cold temperatures are a challenge for everyone, but this experience is suitable for all ages and abilities.

9 day itineraries from INR21, 500/- Per Person

(minimum 8 / maximum 12 people per group)

Frozen rivers and majestic mountains

Departing from Leh by road along the frozen Indus River to our trek start point (about 50 kilometers). Our routes vary from 7-14 days (depending on your preference), taking you deep into the frozen winter landscape among some of the world’s highest mountains.

Winter camp

We make camp along the way, on the riverside and in caves. Our camps are at about 3,500 meters (11,480 feet) and although the cold temperatures are a challenge for everyone, this experience is suitable for all ages and abilities. Night-time temperatures are around -25 degrees centigrade: we provide you with insulated gear and tents to survive this extreme and a big hot breakfast to revive you in the bright morning.

Experience the serenity and peace of ancient villages in deep winter

Ladakh is famous for its colorful monasteries and friendly villages, where hot tea is always on offer. Visit in winter to experience true life in the mountains and find deep peace in the tranquil landscape.

Arrival at Leh, acclimatize and overnight stay in guest house in leh

Day 1 : Arrival at Leh, acclimatize and overnight stay in guest house in leh

Day 2 : Travel to Tilad-do (10,390ft) by road via chilling (about 65km), Overnight stay in tents

Day 3 : Trek Tilad dho to Shingra Koma (altitude 10550ft) (about 10km), overnight stay in tents

Day 4 : Trek Shingra Koma to Tibb Cave (altitude 10,760ft) (15km), overnight Stay in Tents.

Day 5 : Trek Tibb cave to Neyrak Camp (altitude 11,150ft) (12.5km), nearby frozen waterfall. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 6 : Return to Tibb cave (about 12.5km trek), overnight stay in tents.

Day 7 : Trek Tibb cave to Shingra Koma (15km), Overnight stay in Tents.

Day 8 : Trek Shingra Koma to Tilad Do (10km) then drive to Leh (about 65km). Overnight stay in guest house in leh

Day 9 : Enjoy a last view of Ladakh before Leaving to Leh Airport for your flight home. We hope you depart with happy and vivid memories of this enchanting, mysterious landscape and we look forward to welcoming you again in Ladakh. Why not share some of your photos and memories via our website and Facebook group/Page?

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Trip Information and Essential Documents


Please note all Trekker’s to certain locations in Ladakh require a permit, which must be arranged for you by your local agent on Day 1. Please carry with you your valid photo ID (passport, driver’s license, voter ID card, Aadhaar Card) for processing your permit documents for Chader Trek’s, Wildlfe Reserve Permit and ALTOA Fees

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We strongly recommend all our travellers arrange their travel insurance and carry these documents with them during the trip.

     Pricing and booking

  • ▪  All our packages are priced on a sharing basis (minimum 8 persons | Maximum 12 persons).
  • ▪  Price per person for our 8 night | 9 day trek for Jan/Feb 2018 season isRs. 21,500/- per person.What’s included
  • Comprehensive pre-trip briefing and guidance on equipment and preparation activities
  • Transfer to/from Tilad-dho | Chilling and Leh for the start and finish of the expedition
  • Accommodation during the expedition (homestay or tents)
  • 3 hot meals per day, per person, including hot drinks and hotbreakfast
  • Expedition Guide and local porters
  • Team Leader’s
  • Cook
  • High mountain gear: crampons, ice-axe, ropes, first-aid and medicalkitWhat’s not included:
  • We don’t include your flights to/from Leh-Delhi and other destinations, but we can help you with your booking: please enquire.
  • We don’t include Airport drop & Pick-up Service, but we can arrange the cab for you with your booking : please enquired
  • Require a permit to travel around in Ladakh. We will help you arrange this (at your own cost, usually around Rs.2500/Per Person for the International Guest & Rs.2000/Per Person for the Domestic Guest for your entire itinerary) on arrival into Leh by the Wildlife Department’s of Leh.
  • If you require extra porter(s) during the trek, please note daily rates are approximately Rs.1,000/ per porter.
  • We don’t include taxi fares and monastery entry fees for sightseeing in and around Leh, but we can help you arrange local day trips as part of your itinerary: please enquire.
  • You are responsible for arranging your personal travel insurance and ensuring your physical fitness for the expedition. We can advise on recommended scale of cover.
  • ALTOA Fees Rs.300/ Per Person
  • GST Taxes (5%)
  • Department of Wildlife Protection Fees Rs. 40/Per Person
  • Enter in National Park/Wildlife Sanctuary Fees Rs.20/Per Person for per days.How to book
    • ▪  Call +91-8146591625
    • ▪  Write to ashwamedh.adventures@gmail.comPlease note we don’t currently accept online payments, but we can accept online bank transfers.Please arrange for payment via electronic bank transfer to:

Bank name:




Account name:


Suraj Ram Ghodke


Account Number:


Account type:


IFSC Code:




Booking terms

  • ▪  Please arrange for 50% deposit at time of booking to secure your itinerary
  • ▪  The full balance must be paid at least seven (7) clear days before your arrival into Leh
  • ▪  You may cancel your booking at any time up to thirty (30) days before your arrival into Leh and receive a full refund.

The following refund terms apply to our services:

Number of days before your arrival into Leh         Refund (% of total amount paid to date)
60                                                                                    100%
30                                                                                     75%

                                                 15                                                                                     50%

                                                  7                                                                                         0%

Please note that during peak winter season (June — August), aseparate cancellation fee for hotels, Supported staff & Transport may apply and these are as per the hotel policy.

A few recommendations …

Ladakh is situated in the Himalayas and the locations you will visit are all above 3,500 metres. Even if this is not your first time visiting the high mountains, we strongly recommend that you:

Fit for the mountains

Before you travel:

  • visit your doctor for a check-up about one month before depature, especially if you plan to fly
  • drink lots of water (about 4 litres per day) for at least 3 days before departure
  • avoid alcohol and tobacco for at least a week before travelling to themountains
  • eat lots of high-protein foods (beans, tofu, non-veg) and iron-rich foods(spinach, apricots)

• workouts that exercise your leg joints, lower back muscles and core muscles around your spine will help your body during trekkin. Contact us for personalised advice on your pre-trek workoutprogramme.

On arrival into Leh:

  • please allow 24 hours for your body to begin to adjust to highaltitude.
  • you may experience headaches in the first 48 hours: these are likely to becomeless severe. Let your body adjust naturally, don’t take medicines unlessexplicity advised by your doctor.
  • your kidneys, lungs and liver are particularly affected by altitude: drink lots ofwater and ginger tea. Avoid caffeine, tobacco and alcohol for at least 72 hourson arrival.
  • every person responds differently to the mountain environment and phyiscalfitness is no guarantee that you will not experience the effects of altitude: relax and give yourself time to adjust.After your visit:
  • allow at least 48 hours to readjust to your home location, particularly if you fly
  • drink plenty of water and sleep during the first 24 hours on arrival at home
  • you may experience headaches or nausea: avoid medicines unless advised byyour doctor and let your body readjust naturally
  • Share your adventures with friends and family and enjoy the total buzz ofthat ‘return from the mountains’ feeling!For more tips and recommendations, or to request your personalised mountain fitness programme, please visit our site: 08055570487 / 9689617143

    We look forwards to welcoming you in Ladakh !

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